Leveling The Playing Field

Jon Edmiston is the creator of RockRMS is a church management system centered on people. In collaboration with more than 650 churches worldwide and his team at the Spark Development Network, Jon has created an open-source community that can level the playing field so churches of all sizes can benefit from digital transformation.

Listen in to hear about the unique funding model and open-source network effects that enable wealthier churches to fund the development of features they need in a way that can benefit many other congregations as well. Learn more about how Jon views data privacy and the need for pastors to know their flock as well as a vision for what excellent church technology could look like in the future.

(Bonus: speculations on a dystopian metaverse future :wink: )

To learn more about Spark Development Network, visit https://sparkdevnetwork.com/.

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While you listen, keep some of these questions in mind:

  • What are one or two ideas that resonate with me?
  • In which specific ways can I use these ideas to further the kingdom in my work as an entrepreneur and/or technologist?

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