What needs/opportunities are you seeing for the future of church? (Hackathon opportunity)

We’re planning a hackathon for sharing dreams/casting vision for what the future of church could look like.

Here’s what we’re hoping you can get out of it:

This is your chance to pitch your dream for what the future of church could be like and start making it real!
Goals: Inspire, bring to light problems and potential solutions to support the Kingdom, help individuals see how they can use their gifts for the church. Bonus goal: Connecting Church leadership and Technologists.

In preparation for that we wanted to curate some needs/ideas. It doesn’t have to be fully polished, but if you’re seeing any needs or opportunities, could you share them here?

Thank you!


We talk about this all the time, but figuring out an intuitive and highly customize able “digital space” hub seems like a need across the board.

I also think VR development not only for socially-distant situations but also long-term enhanced accessibility would be a huge boon.