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TheoTech Podcast

This is a space to discuss topics featured in the TheoTech podcasts. We’ll make threads when new episodes are published for an easy, convenient place to chat about them.

Future of the Church

Where is the church headed? How is it embracing technology? Who is leading this effort? All this and more.

Business and Development

If you’re an entrepreneur, start a thread here about your business or project! Give us an outline of your goals, products, processes, etc. You can also start a thread with a roadblock or practical challenge you’d like to discuss.

Ideas + Brainstorming

This category is for brainstorming ideas to build new technological innovation for the sake of the Kingdom’s digital expression. We identify needs and start asking how to fill them-- it’s kind of precursor and “sister-category” to Business & Development.

Digital Equality & Inclusion

Conversations about technology’s impact on society and the church and how we ensure no one is left behind, excluded, marginalized or oppressed.

CDX Theory and Resources

This is where you can find and discuss the theory behind Church Digital Transformation (CDX) and its implications. If you need resources for educating your staff and coworkers, or have thoughts on some of the broader ideas related to CDX, this is the place for you.


A listing of public events sponsored by the TheoTech Forums.