3-D Printing PPE & the Rise of the Makers

In this episode…

Billy Davis, owner of the FabLab, a maker space providing 3D printing services and classes, joins Chris to discuss Covid’s impact on small businesses and makers. When covid-19 hit, the FabLab pivoted by creating nearly 4,000 face shields and 600 face masks for medical workers. These 3-d printed masks enable N95 masks to be reused 6 times. We discuss the maker mindset and what churches can learn from maker space culture. Learn More.

While you listen, keep some of these questions in mind:

  • What are one or two ideas that resonate with me?

  • In which specific ways can I use these ideas to further the kingdom in my work as an entrepreneur and/or technologist?

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This was alot of fun to record! If anyone would like to get in touch with @WhoisMrBilly he’s on the forum! I’m also working with him on some LinkedIn, growth and branding related work–he’s got alot of insights into marketing!

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