Hacking Together an Open Source Vocation

In this episode…

Henry Zhu, a Core Maintainer for Babel (an open source Java Script Compiler), joins Chris Lim to talk about his progression from an Industrial Engineering graduate, through his first programming job with Adobe, to his current work. Over time, he repeatedly chose the path-less-taken. Henry and Chris explore: How can we as Christian technologists integrate our faith and work? How can we build an inclusive culture that challenges and empowers others to do the same? Listen in as the podcast discusses this and more. Read more.

While you listen, keep some of these questions in mind:

  • What is God actually calling us to do with our lives?
  • How can we use our gifts for His Kingdom?
  • In which specific ways can I use these ideas to further the kingdom in my work as an entrepreneur and/or technologist?

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