A Decade Since “From the Garden to the City”

In the decade since John Dyer published “From the Garden to the City” the cutting edge of technology has transitioned from hardware innovations like the iPad and the viral domination of social media platforms to new “fads” like VR, web3, bitcoin and of course breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence. As a software developer and professor of theology, John has had a front-row seat to how these shifts are affecting the Christian faith and vice versa. Listen in to hear his thoughts on the ways different generations are handling the captivating power of screens and innovative ways technological affordances can help us engage with and live out Scripture in the future.

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While you listen, keep some of these questions in mind:

  • What are one or two ideas that resonate with me?
  • In which specific ways can I use these ideas to further the kingdom in my work as an entrepreneur and/or technologist?

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