Aligning illustrations with Bible text in many languages

Scripture App Builder (SAB) makes it easy to create simple android apps and html that inserts audio and a set of images tagged with verse references into a book of the Bible. This can make new translations more accessible particularly in low-literacy groups.

At the C4tK hackathon, our team built a script that can generate these in bulk - once you set up the input files (as long as you have translations and images, this probably wouldn’t take longer than a couple hours; less if you are familiar with the process), the script, using SAB, can process at a rate of about one minute per language for the book of Mark. We tested it with 11 languages, which finished in 16 minutes.

If you just want to do this for a handful of languages, use SAB out-of-the-box (a free download from SIL International)
The script our team created in 24 hours makes it possible to use for dozens of languages.

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Great work @mary ! Could you include a screenshot or link of what the output is like?