Are you interested in creating beautiful digital spaces?

“Development/Interactive” threads are geared towards experimenting and developing ways to make our ideas realities! There is room to brainstorm and might be more than one great solution, so jump in-- and please do invite any other developers and thinkers you know that might be interested!

@jonathansanford shared a vision for a rich, interactive digital space where believers could access study materials, engage with digital representations of holy sites, fellowship together in a variety of ways, and so much more. He even shared some sketches to flesh out his idea, and I immediately wanted to visit this place myself.

Are you interested in working together to put this vision into practice? Do you know someone else who is?

What kind of platforms could we use to make a space like this?


I wasn’t actually thinking of recreating existing holy places in my original vision; more bringing in pieces and inspiration from them. I love the idea though! For someone who doesn’t have the same means to travel it would be great to be able to virtually tour the modern temple in Jerusalem or St Peter’s Basilica or even a reproduction of the tabernacle. Reproductions of historical sites could help bring color to the text of scripture (especially the ones describing the construction of the tabernacle, the original temple and the rebuilt temple).

And of course I would love to help however I can.

Oh, ok! Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: I’m going to see if I can get this concept out to people who are participating in game jams and hack-a-thons; there are a lot of great ideas out there so I don’t know if anyone will bite but it would be cool. And of course we can all keep inviting people into the discussion here!

This would be fun project to build out for a VR platform - similar to Discovering Space - Discovering Space 2 on Oculus Rift | Oculus

Does anyone know what they used to build this out? Thinking it would actually be pretty easy to put together as there are a number of sources for the actual dimensions… If anyone want’s to play around on Oculus and try building this out with me I think it would be a lot of fun!

I agree VR would be an ideal medium for this. Personally I don’t have knowledge or experience with building that kind of stuff :frowning:

This might be somewhat outside the scope of the upcoming Hackathon but it would be a cool concept for a GameJam. Outside of that I’m not sure what the best way to find developers would be outside of trying to contract them for a paid project.

Any developers on here interested? :slight_smile: Or do you have ideas on other ways to network this out a bit, Ben?