Church Online Platform is joining YouVersion! - YouVersion

This merging of Church Online Platform with YouVersion looks like a promising development…

I’ve noticed that YouVersion has tried to dabble into adding social features but they always seemed kind of weak. Adding ChurchOnline might give them a boost and I’d be happy to see a lot better integration of church products. I have to manage a couple different logins just to engage with my Sunday Online services. I don’t know how I’d do it without a password manager.

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I don’t know how I’d do it without a password manager.

lol! if that’s the case it can only reach the most tech-savvy :slight_smile:

I do think integrating worship services into the app embeds it much more deeply into the life of the community which will be a fascinating development. It might become a little bit like Amazon where you have first-party content and experiences courtesy of YouVersion and partner ministries, but third-party churches are able to use that platform to share their content and experiences as well.

everyone else probably uses the same password for all the services.

I’d really like to see good vertical integration here. that’s the hope for this merger.
I’d like to see it easy as click to start. Like Zoom. That would be the most accessible.