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Hey Everyone, my name is Johnny. I’m an American who has lived and worked in Myanmar (Burma) for more than 10 years. I am a director at ONOW Myanmar. We are as social enterprise that helps migrant women start their first business as a way to get out of poverty. We use technology and especially chatbots for education, automation and business support. I oversee design and opperations for our company of 50 local staff. Before living in Myanmar I worked in a church in the United States and my formal education is a MDiv. I also personally act as team leader for Burmese localization of YouVersion and Bible App for Kids. Would love to connect with any of you who are working with Chatbots, AI, or Salesforce.


Johnny, We’re doing research on the AI front, among others. Would love to connect. Shoot me an email

My name is Jeff. Was this intended for me or “Johnny?”

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Hello. My name is Thomas Osborn . I’m interested in enhancing discipleship via technology; and specifically how AI can help Christians make better disciples. Do you have any ideas? I share a few in AI and Faith’s July newsletter in hopes some will be realized and would love to learn about yours.

Looking forward to engaging with you on this topic.

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Thomas, we definitely have some overlapping interests! We should connect! We published a Missional report on AI recently. Shoot me an email at if you’d like to chat more.

Well, hi! My name is Ann Chow, and I’m based in Toronto, Canada. Glad to be part of this community. I’m currently the Project Lead for Indigitous #HACK, which is the world’s largest Christian hackathon. We just wrapped our 6th year and the buzz around the world was inspiring and palpable!

Our oldest participant was a 70 year old woman from Kampala, Uganda, and our youngest was 7 years old from China.

We’re hosting our Global Presentation & Celebration call on Nov. 5 at 9:30am and 9:30pm ET and you’re invited to join! You can watch via our FB & YT pages.


Hello Chris and TheoTech community. My focus is protecting and prospering persecuted people. Essential to that endeavor is protection and control over our human digital person, our digital identity and our personal information (messages, pictures, voices, geo-location, attributes) wherever they exist, post-decryption. We are all subject to big tech anti-liberty surveillance and are witnessing the escalating assault on inalienable rights, our freedom to love God and one another.

Hi, My name is Sophie. I am the Media Arts intern at my Baptist church. Unlike most of you, I do not have a background in working with technology, though I have worked very hard to become well-versed with my church’s production technology. I am joining this forum in hopes of having meaningful conversations about the theology of church technology, as well as having some of my troubleshooting questions answered… hopefully.

Nice to meet you Kevin and Sophie!

Hi, I’m Joseph, a Software Engineer from Egypt, I work in EdTech space (I’m CTO for an LMS Startup), I’m also interested in the intersection between my Christian faith and Technology, and how to utilize technology to foster more efficient and meaningful ministry and missions.

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I’m Maurice a pastor and tech social entrepreneur. Discovered this Community and decided to join. Interested in hearing from other Christians involved in technology. New to Forums so it will take me a while to get up to speed on how to effectively use this platform.

Please note that my interest is also to connect with those who may be interested in learning more about my Social Enterprise and how you may become partners as knowledge / subject experts that will consider joining our various seminar series being developed to educate and train faith and nonprofit leaders how to adopt and use digital technology solutions.

Ok. enough for now. Hope to hear back from someone acknowledging this introduction. Thank you.

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Working on Human Digital Liberty Platforms and Services designed to support and defend freedom minded peoples worldwide. Some recent video presentations. Inspired by mission to aid persecuted peoples living in tyrannical anti-liberty surveillance states to not only survive but prosper and grow in strength and endurance.

CYVA Research Augmented Cyber Warrior & Trust Community (TC) Operator Kit Video (5 minutes)
Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace submission
h t t p s: // / ZmdfTmJpe9U

Military Operations Research Society Cyber Community of Practice group presentation (1 hour)

h t t p s: // / jqab-dLvS4w

humandigitalliberty dot com