Discord as a Platform for Churches

Discord is the ultimate platform for online ministry.

Have you heard about Discord? Originally built for gamers, it is a channel-based social platform with a whole host of features including voice and video chat for up to 100 people, small group and direct messages, and fully customizable servers for your friends or community.

Discord is the best platform for conversation with customizable notifications, bots (non-humans) that add tons of features, file/image sharing, custom roles with specified permission, and so much more.

Imagine the life of the church moving on to Discord. Offering a place for your church to be the church all week long. No longer are congregants limited to scheduled services, they can chat with each other on Tuesday afternoons or just past midnight on Thursdays.

Some quick ideas:

  • Instead of streaming to FB Live or Youtube Live, stream to a video call on Discord and let your congregation interact with one another while watching the service. Be synchronous or asynchronous.
  • Open an easy-to-use (public or private) space for congregants to share prayer requests, testimonies, or urgent needs.
  • Use a bot to play worship music, or hymns, or sermons into a publicly available room 24/7.
  • Host youth groups, small groups, church leadership meetings all in the same place, with no more complicated conference call invites.
  • Share a daily bible verse, devotional, quote, or question, and have space for your community to respond.
  • Create a hangout space for members of the congregation to build relationships with each other, as well as with God.

Here is a video explaining Discord, as well as some possible uses for churches.

Discord allows you to foster relationships in ways that Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, YouTube, and other platforms do not. With a little bit of creativity and exploration, your church can become more than just an hour on Sunday.

Now let’s talk about it! Hit the “Reply” button and join in our conversation.

  • Have you used discord yet? If so what has your experience been?
  • If you have never used discord, what is your biggest hesitancy towards using discord? How does your church currently overcome this challenge?
  • Think creatively. How might you use discord to bring your congregation or community together?

Just read this interesting interview with the founder of discord: Why Does Discord Not Use Ads? The Questions We Asked Discord's CEO : NPR

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