Future of the Church Category Overview

This category focuses on what churches are doing in the here-and-now as they transform their existing systems into digital contexts.

It is for leaders thinking, experimenting and sharing about questions like:

  • How do we equalize online and offline experiences instead of privileging one over the other?
  • How do we integrate the best of each medium to fulfill our mission?
  • What are the core values we need to bring from our old patterns in order to build up our new ones?

(Besides “hybrid church”, related terms include: “blended, amphibious, mixed, integrated, unified, multi-site, virtual and in person, augmented, phygital (physical+digital), etc.”)

Okay so I have been actually working on this problem for a while and I am actively prototyping a ministry that allows people to invite people (IRL or Online) and then if anyone responds we direct them to an app that then connects them to the nearest volunteer who can then either meet up with them IRL or online.

So like a hybrid outreach and then a hybrid follow up - just trying to meet people wherever they are at.

The app is live now but i’ve locked it to areas where we have a critical mass of volunteers. Still in MVP mode but just submitted the push to add an integrated video chat feature. If there is a big enough interest I was thinking about setup a git so that others could check it out / work on it.

https://www.coffeewithachristian.org/ to learn more.

We are starting with evangelism / discipleship as our primary mission - but later down the line I would love to add other things like skills - availability - ranked automated matches more similar to Uber - so that later down the line and can automatically suggest other volunteer opportunites based off of a users profile. Essentially - automated volunteer management.

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