How can our churches continue to be platforms to unleash people's gifts for God's Kingdom?

In this clip, I share thoughts on what was special about church buildings and how we can rethink their function as a platform digitally.

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How are your churches serving as a platform (virtually and physically) amidst the pandemic?

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Recently had a conversation where I realized that as much as I talk about “Church as a Platform” for the gifts, callings and ministries of the saints, it would need to serve also as a platform for me :).

In tech industry parlance, I would need to “eat my own dogfood”.

So in the coming season of serving in my church, I’m trying to discover, leverage, and develop pathways that others can follow for how to “build” on my church platform.

To use language from the tech world, I’m iterating on the “API” of my church and creating code examples or tutorials of how to build on top of it to fulfill a purpose. (h/t to @aerisman for initially suggesting the API analogy within the Church as a Platform concept)