Info Security Survey for Christian Orgs

Hey Everyone, this seems like something related to the interests of this group, and probably relevant to a number of people here…

At FaithTech over the past 6 months, I’ve been working with a volunteer team of experts in Info Security. The goal has been to help Christian organizations improve their data security. While the team had ideas about what orgs need, they wanted to build something ministries will actually value. To learn where the biggest needs are, they designed this survey for data security.

I know gathering info like this is sensitive, but the survey gives orgs as much anonymity as they want.

I’m sending this to you because I know you might be connected to a ministry or two that would benefit from improved data security. If so, would you fill this out or forward it to whoever you think would be most knowledgeable? And if additional orgs come to mind, please pass this email along to them.

The survey includes more info about the team and goals, so you can learn more before starting. It will take about 5-10 minutes. Thanks for checking it out and forwarding it!

If this research might be valuable to share here in this forum, let me know. I’m hoping to find a way to share the insights from the survey in ways that will be helpful to more people.


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