It’s Not Enough to Broadcast a Service. Churches Need to Foster Community


Just wanted to welcome and tag @AdamGraber who wrote this piece! Welcome Adam! :slight_smile:

This quote resonated with me:

COVID-19 could also re-focus our attention on member-to-member interaction—community. The church building served as a kind of social platform. Community grew organically in that space. What spaces can we create in the COVID-19 era that encourage and foster that experience where people feel cared for, connected, and known? The pandemic took something away, but it doesn’t have to be the final word.

Thanks for collecting so many techie and non-techie examples of churches fostering community!

I wonder what “tailor made” digital tools/platforms are emerging in these times.

In one Facebook Community I’m part of a member listed off the following platforms that are trying to innovate in the video/community space: altar live, rume, rally video, spatial chat, tandem chat, icebreaker video, luma, remo, clubhouse, mmhmm, airmeet, and more.

I know that Nona Jones from Facebook wrote a book about using Facebook for digital discipleship.

My own company also had to adapt our product so churches could use it to provide captions and translation of their Zoom calls and YouTube videos instead of in-person events.

All that to say, it’ll be very interesting to learn what new ways of fostering community (tech and non-tech) endure and continue beyond the pandemic.

PS, @jodie and I are currently working on some UX mockups as part of the CDX project, exploring a way of centering the community experience around Scripture as a whole canon. We’re actively looking for people who want to test the mockups–DM me if interested! :slight_smile:

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