Missional Tech Trends

Hey Everyone!

With the digital transformation of the past year, our work at FaithTech has been crazy. One of the biggest opportunities to arise for us was a project we called the Missional Tech Trends.

We interviewed dozens of tech experts about 15 emerging technologies that WILL impact Christian ministries in the next 5 years. Out of those interviews came these 15 reports on tech like Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Virtual Reality, Digital Learning Platforms, Blockchain, Information Security, and a bunch more.

All these reports are FREE to download, and I am so excited to finally share them with this group! Our goal is to help Christian ministries upgrade their knowledge of these technologies, and spark ideas for how ministries can start using them.

Go check out the Missional Tech Trends website, and see all 15 technologies. I’m confident you’ll find one that connects with the work you’re doing.


@AdamGraber - this work looks amazing! I can’t wait to dig into it and read more.

Thanks @chrisdavidsonme! Glad it feels relevant and worthwhile! What are you areas of interest?

If you have feedback or see ways to improve them, we will revise and update these. They are certainly not the last word on these, and the landscape will continue to evolve. My hope is the reports will represent the collective knowledge of both tech and ministry experts. Feel free to get in touch with me here, as I’m subscribed to replies.