Spf.io: All-in-one software for real-time captioning and translation

Spf.io is TheoTech’s tangible contribution to developing technology for the Kingdom. Visit our site for an overview, or read this post for the highlights!

The Elevator Pitch

Spf.io enables client events and content to be accessible in many languages through captions, translations, transcriptions, and more. While it was initially built with live events in mind and thrives in those situations, we’ve found a whole new avenue for innovation in the heavily-digital pandemic world.

Heavy Focus on Customer Service

Since Spf.io is completely accessible through the web and does not require installation or download, it has a huge edge in client ease of use. We can schedule time to help clients set things up on their end if needed, and always have staff available while events are running to help troubleshoot.


While there are many auto- and assisted-captioning services out there, Spf.io specializes in instant translations into over 80 languages. This means that multilingual audiences can now read in their native languages using just the phones in their hands-- without even downloading an app.

We’ll be adding more on as we explore new innovations and work though new challenges in our market!

What are some things you’d love to see from a company specializing in multilingual services?

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One of our customers was recently interviewed on a podcast about how they used spf.io to go from three languages to sixty. It was so encouraging to hear the difference it’s making for them!