The New Parents Episode

In this podcast episode, Chris Lim and his wife Kathleen discuss their experiences as new parents and how technology has played a role in their parenting journey. They talk about creating an Amazon Echo skill that helps them track various aspects of their baby’s care, such as feeding, diaper changes, and pumping. This technology has proven to be a helpful hands-free solution for managing their busy schedules and staying organized in the midst of caring for their son, Athanasius (Athos). They also touch on the challenges of balancing technology use and human interaction for their child, emphasizing their choice to limit screen time and encourage more interactive and imaginative play. The episode explores their personal insights into how technology fits into their parenting philosophy and the ways they adapt to their baby’s needs and their own changing lifestyle.

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  • What are one or two ideas that resonate with me?
  • In which specific ways can I use these ideas to further the kingdom in my work as an entrepreneur and/or technologist?

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