What are you celebrating and giving thanks for?

Hi everyone. Chris and I were talking felt like it could be helpful to have a thread about sharing some “wins” and good things we see in our lives and communities.

It’s a discouraging time. Personally, I just moved across the country in the middle of a pandemic and don’t have full-time employment-- it is a ton to absorb!!

And yet, God is doing beautiful things. I’m hoping we can share some examples, big or small, to encourage each other and remember He’s working redemption in the midst of it all.

The two things I’ll share are that first, even though it’s overwhelming to be in this transition, I am excited to be following the doors God is opening. Even when I can’t find the next one, I remember He’s provided up to this point, and will do so again.

The second is my dog :slight_smile: He’s wonderful, goofy, and such a comfort in this season. Don’t get me started or I will talk your ear off about him (or do get me started, and I will happily oblige)!

What is something bringing you joy right now?

One unexpected practice that helped me throughout 2020 has been bullet journaling. Initially I thought of using this $1 planner from daiso to plan what I needed to do, but then I realized it was far more useful as a way to bulletize what happened each day.

Then my coach suggested I take the time to record one thing I’m grateful for each day, so I added that to my practice and it was life changing…kind of switched my mind from focusing on what I needed to get done, what I lacked and what I failed to do to what was accomplished by God’s grace!

So one example has been my gratitude working with a great team on this CDX project including @paulusm, @DanielH253, @dstrong, @iamlucasjones, @twoawong7, @natasha and @SusanW. Such a diverse set of gifts that came together to make it happen! :slight_smile:

I’ve heard great things about bullet journaling but, to be honest, have never really looked into it. I’ll have to do that-- I especially like the versatility.

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I found this blog post from Open.Life.Church that I found really encouraging. It’s just a straightforward, refreshing look at God’s promises. They’re both unchanging and new every morning, giving us wonderful opportunities for the new year. I, for one, need them more than ever as I leave this year and head into the unknown of 2021.

Check it out, it’s a pretty quick read! What’s your favorite part?

Happy New Year, all!

As believers, we get to carry the hope of the Gospel with us year round. However, the ritual of celebrating the New Year provides some unique cultural opportunities for innovation, strategy, and change.

Anyone have any reflections, goals, plans, or other thoughts on this transition?

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Happy New Year! I didn’t seem to get the notification about this post even though I’m on the thread…

Here’s my new journal for 2021 :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing some identity work, spending time in Scripture (texts like Isaiah 58/61, Micah 6/7) and discerning what God is calling me to focus on this year. There’s alot of uncertainty and alot of opportunity!

One realization I’ve had is that I sometimes have a hard time casting vision due to insecurity–I let the “how” get in the way of simply sharing the “what” or I doubt my “why” will resonate with others (aka my sharing won’t make a difference). In 2021 I hope to change my mindset and humbly share what I see more regularly even if I haven’t figured out the “how” or feel like it will go unnoticed.

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Happy new year all! Since we’ve got our journals up… sharing mine too for fun - a quirky planner inspired by the cultures and food of Singapore!

I was never the kind to keep a physical planner since I’d give up before long, but we are on a streak, at least for now! Jotting down my key learning takeaways, things to be grateful for and even penning the little worries have been helpful in instilling constant awareness to changes and progress of each day. It hasn’t been an easy year and stress is peaking (and we have barely started?!) - I hope to be like a stable blob of clay on the wheel, centred, and ready to be moulded into a useful pot!

The past year has been, least to say, overwhelming. I can only look back and be reminded that it is by grace and grace alone for each day and each opportunity that has come by, and that we are so fortunate to be where we are, sheltered and healthy. I graduated and thought that was it - goodbye to tertiary education… but in fact, it was hello to the school of life! There are so many voices screaming out for our attention each day, I hope this year I can tune in better to what God is trying to say too. May we grow, give, and glorify Him with our gifts this 2021 :blush:


Jodie, thanks for sharing! This is a lovely planner. I like the free-flowing style of it-- I guess that’s one of the strengths of bullet journals. And I love LOVE your metaphor of being a “stable blob of clay,” ready to be molded!! Perfect.