What is the role of young people in the digital transformation?

Recently read this article about how:

“In my experience, most church planters don’t plant churches; they merely plant a church service–disturbingly similar to every other church service in North America.

We need to get younger leaders to dream big, to find a purpose–a mission–into which they can fully throw themselves. The disillusionment of youth is real–and it’s valid. We (as the older generation) have done a terrible job of listening, discipling, walking with, and releasing into, ministry.”

Got me thinking: What is the role of younger leaders and youth in the digital transformation of the church?

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I want to resurrect/refresh this topic because I think the need for it is only increasing. Youth continue to innovate in digital spaces with incredible acuity (just scroll through TikTok for five minutes), and industries catering to traditionally youthful audiences are often linked to digital work (e.g. gaming). I found a series of articles geared on helping churches reach their youth using digital platforms which seems to go a little beyond the standard methods. How do we take these ideas even further and continue adding on/developing intentional digital ministry methods ourselves?

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I thought this was an interesting trend in the kinds of digital tools being used by the next generation:

Absolutely. Just out of curiosity, does anyone on here use TikTok? Why or why not?

I’ve heard concerning things about the app’s security which is the main reason I don’t use it. But a lot of videos are cross-posted to Twitter so I see a good deal of content from it. The rate of innovation by its users is staggering.