CDX Video Series Instructions for Collaborators

We’re creating a video series addressing the questions raised in the covid-19 and the digital transformation of the church summit.

In the spirit of digital experimentation, we’re trying to co-create the content for these videos openly in these forums so community members can give input. I explain more in the following video:

We’ve already reached out to specific collaborators to start brainstorming what to create for:

  1. Hybrid church (as we are able to partly meet in person)
  2. Digital equity (as we go through the digital transformation)
  3. Neighborhood outreach (when we can’t meet in person)
  4. The Sacraments (and their significance in our virtual lives)
  5. The Biblical Narrative (and how to make sense of what God is doing with all this digital disruption)

All of this is experimental and can be changed, but we wanted to get started somewhere :slight_smile: .

We plan on each video having the structure below and we’re asking collaborators to create a forum topic outlining the question the video will answer, some content ideas and a conclusion.

Please reply to this thread if you have any questions or input!

Just wanted to add a list of videos we’re considering producing:

  • Chris interviews Michael
  • Chris interviews Doug
  • Michael interviews Laurie
  • Michael interviews Derick
  • Michael interviews Martin
  • Doug interviews Matt
  • Doug interviews Tyler? (or Chris)
  • Chris interviews the Notkins