Creating a "hybrid church how to" video

As a follow up to the summit, @DanielH253 and I are creating a video about how to do hybrid church. We want to synthesize the questions and needs from the digital reformation breakout and address them in this video.

Here’s a suggested outline:

  1. Why? What are the desires and challenges churches face as we transition to a mixed reality of in person and digital? Why is hybrid church necessary and good?
  2. What? Describe a vision of a hybrid church. What could it look like in 10 years? What could it look like in 10 months? What are people doing? What’s the experience like and what kinds of tools are supporting it?
  3. How? How do we reach that vision? What platforms and tools exist today and how can we prototype that future vision with what we already have? What still needs to be built? Dream big–if we could ask Bezos to build it for us, what would we ask for?

For number 3, we could separately do a video review of different technological tools, comparing and contrasting them, showing how to use them effectively and explaining what’s still missing.

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Added summaries from the “No going back to normal” breakout session in this topic.

Looping @iamlucasjones in who is helping with some of the video work.

I’ve been chewing on my original suggested outline and I think it might be more helpful to open with a succinct description of where our churches are today and then describe some practical next steps they can take to move in the right direction. The visionary stuff might be better in an essay format.

Also, a template for all of these videos:

  1. Intro, Brand
  2. Content
  3. Outro, CTA
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I have the base for the intro animation. I am still working on refining it. I have the outline of the church and the nodes animated with bg sound/music. Next step is adding in the colors a glitch effect and text reveal.

Link to YouTube Video

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I like it!!! Looking forward to using the final version in our video series!

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Just added in some text and flashing lights to it. I am thinking of doing a glitch sort of thing, but it might be overkill. Let me know what you are thinking.

Updated Video Link

Cool! Maybe the flashing animation could be a bit slower/gentler? What would a glitch effect be like?

Some feedback from the team:

  1. Animation is great!
  2. Could we try some other fonts? (just want something we can consistently use throughout the project)
  3. Could we do an outro where the node animation sort of reverses, but the glow/lights ends up lighting up the windows of the church graphic?

I made a few different versions with the color gradients that we were going over today. There are 3 different fonts used as well. Orator, the one already on the logo, Mexcellent, the 3 stroked “retro” one, and Code Bold, a somewhere in the middle kind of font.

All 6 Video Files On my Dropbox

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Great! I’ll share this with the team and let you know which one we’d like.

Could you also export just the gradient background for use as an end credits?

Here’s a link to the rough cut of the Welcome video (not the hybrid one yet):

@DanielH253 any feedback?

The votes were for:
1 CDX Blue Code Bold
1 CDX Purple Code Bold
1 CDX Blue Orator (though it looked more green).

Also we’d like to incorporate either in the intro or the outro the Seattle Pacific Seminary / Library logos and the mention of the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust (I’ll have to ask for higher resolution versions of these assets)


Color-wise, I wonder if the shade of purple used in the center of the original graphic might be an option…

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Thanks for the feedback! I will see if I can put together a sort of radial gradient version like you have above. Also, I like the look of the nodes extending to underline the text. I will incorporate that into the next iteration.

The final cut of the video is up!

Thanks @DanielH253, @iamlucasjones and @twoawong7 for your hard work!

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