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This is a space for conversation about technology, theology, and the tangible needs of the church. We want to foster long-term partnerships with businesses and thought-leaders, as we pursue technology’s role in advancing the Kingdom of God.

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The Story of the TheoTech Forums

In the Spring of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic threw the church into uncharted waters. In response, Seattle Pacific University, with support from the Murdoch Charitable Trust, began exploring how churches can use technology to not just survive, but transform their ministry with the help of technology. The culmination of that project was a virtual event coined the “Church Digital Transformation Summit.”

The TheoTech Forums grew out of the summit as an open space for long-form conversation about how God is working online and how technology can be leveraged to further the Kingdom. These forums are joined by the TheoTech Podcast, which feature various guests working in fields of faith and tech.

Now it’s your turn!

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Step 1: Why Did We Need the 2020 CDX Summit?
The pandemic and lockdowns accelerated the need for churches to use digital technology for God’s Kingdom.

There are a lot of open questions and we need to keep learning from each other to successfully navigate the digital turn!

Watch the video below to learn about why we created this Forum, who it is for and how to get started using it.

Step 2: What Was Our Initial Goal?
Our primary focus in the beginning of this journey was education and proactive thinking about technology and the future of the church.

After our first virtual summit on “COVID-19 and the Digital Transformation of the Church” we developed a curriculum to help churches with digital transformation.

Here are six learning modules with videos and discussion questions you can use to educate and challenge leaders in your church:

  1. Navigating the Digital Turn
  2. Engaging with Church History and the Bible
  3. Youth and Digital Culture
  4. The Limits of the Digital
  5. Exploring Creativity and New Church Modalities
  6. Ministry in a New Context

This forum is a great place to ask questions, share the ideas and tell the stories that emerge from your experience with Church Digital Transformation as you engage with others.

Step 3: How Can You Get Involved Here?
The key to forward motion is engagement. Make sure you are getting e-mail notifications from us, and that you check back here regularly to share your voice!

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Please say “hi” to everyone else in the community! Reply to this “Introduce yourself!” post.

We hope this forum helps us all join what God is doing with technology for the future of the Church. Thanks for being part of the CDX community of practice!