Twitch Church: reaching gamers

Just listened to this interview and found Jate’s experiments with Discord and Twitch insightful. His experience in reaching gamers by playing games together, inviting them to watch his stream, having bible discussions (not studies!) for people who want a safe person to look at the Bible with, etc and more seem to be a trailblazing pathway for developing discipleship relationships (with people who are not Christians!) online.

Another insight: “Anonymity is the best and worst thing about being online…you can be involved for a year and then just disappear…and the worst is when we’ve been praying for that person for a year about anxiety…” and on the flip side is that someone who does not want their community to know they are exploring Christ has the freedom to explore what they and others believe because of the anonymity.

A second idea I noted: there will be a 1 million person “church”, but what if there were 100,000 ten person churches? With digital, that latter expression scales. Rather than “event-based evangelism”, you have time 24/7 through these communities to build the relationships that organically evangelize.

“This [digital church] is the closest I’ve felt to Acts”